Welcome RoseHeart Hand cream!

Welcome RoseHeart Hand cream!

After more than a year of constantly washing our hands, they must be crying out for moisture. They may feel rough or the skin next to your fingers may also look flaky. But that doesn't mean you should stop. You know what the perfect solution is? A hand cream.

We apply moisturizer after washing your face, so why not the same for your hands? The skin on our hands also needs a lot of moisture to reduce the risk of skin problems and renew our skin. Adding a hand cream to our skincare routine is the best way to repair damaged skin and give it the nourishment it needs.

Roseheart is a dermatologically tested brand that uses Vita Complex- 10, which contains a breakdown of all the essential vitamins skin needs. With beautiful looking designs and romantic flowers, RoseHeart hand creams make your hands healthier. 'I'm in Love RoseHeart' is a moisturizing skin care line that consists of rose ingredients with rich flavor and moisturizing power. It is true that rose by itself has various effects such as skin lightening, hydration, cooling, and texture improvement.

I'm In Love Roseheart Classy Cotton Hand Cream, with classy cotton scent, has a soft formula that melts easily on your skin. With Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract and Shea Butter, this hand cream gives deep nourishment to your dry skin and moisturizes it for 24 hours.

I'm in Love Roseheart Rose Blossom Hand Cream is velvety smooth and dries without a sticky layer. With Artichoke Leaf Extracts and Shea Butter, it provides deep nutrients to your dry hand. The romantic rose scent and smooth texture make it easy to apply and quickly soak in. Hands are immediately less dry and smoother looking (probably due to the texture).

We love it, what do you think?


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