Snail Mucin: the Holy Grail beauty-slime

Snail Mucin: the Holy Grail beauty-slime
Have you ever just looked at a snail and felt “Hey, why don’t I put this on my face?” No? Neither have I. However, that’s not to say the Japanese and Koreans felt the same. Snail Mucin is the current miracle ingredient that has made its way to the hearts and pockets of skincare enthusiasts from all over the world. The Korean skincare market is absolutely obsessed with this ingredient and puts it in almost everything--from facemask sheets to lip balms, you name it. One Japanese salon even took the snail-craze a step further by popularizing “snail facials” where women pay exorbitant amounts to have a live snail crawl all over their face and leave its nutrient-rich slime.


Before we let ourselves get swept up by the craze, what exactly is Snail Mucin? Snail Mucin is the slime snails excrete to protect their delicate bodies from rough surfaces that can damage it. Although the thought of anything coming from a snail coming anywhere near your face may seem gross, the practice is backed with reliable dermatological research. Snail Mucin has been found to have anti-aging properties due to its ability to encourage the production of collagen and elastin. It has also been proven to aid the healing process of damaged skin by encouraging cell regeneration, prevent acne, and provide deep moisture. If you’re worried about the product feeling slimy and icky on your skin, rest assured that products containing Snail Mucin feels exactly like any other moisturizer, serum, or facemask that you’ve already used; unless, of course, you prefer the snail facial.


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